We get it.

You want your machine at home and working

You just want your machine to work right, and you don't want to wait forever to get it back. We understand, so we provide you with a scheduled service time-frame and when you drop it off to us for this appointment, that's when we work on it. Once we're done, we deliver it back to you (available only in NE Florida).


By appointment and guaranteed. All makes and models of home sewing machines.

It's easy to get started.


1. Print and complete the form below to return to us along with your machine.

2. Call to find out a good time to bring in your machine.

Sewing Machine Service Request Form

Minimum Service Charges:

  • Mechanical household sewing machines $129.00

  • Computer/electronic household sewing machines $149.00

  • Household sergers, overlock, blindstitch or industrial machines $189.00


This minimum service charge covers a thorough checkup, cleaning, lubricating, adjusting tensions, other minor adjustments and some small parts.

Our Guarantee.

If a machine we have serviced fails to perform due to items we adjusted or replaced within 30 days after the service date, we will service it at no charge. If nonperformance is due to the customer choosing an incorrect thread, needles, or changing threading or tension settings as noted above, a service charge of $45.00 will apply to all warranty work. We guarantee all parts or labor charged on the original service work. In other words, if we cleaned, lubricated and adjusted tensions and two weeks later your machine breaks a gear, we will charge for the gear replacement since we did not replace the gear. If we replaced a gear and it breaks six months later, I will replace that same gear at no charge.

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