This Nice Long Weekend

My weekend ended up being a complex mixture of all those things that make up my life today. Holidays remain difficult for me because I struggle with doing things that make me happy, enjoying my friends and the events of the day; and then feeling despondent over those who are not there. I try to catch the juggled missteps of moving towards my expectations and reacting to any surprises MVOPC introduces in his ever expanding attempts to be spontaneous and to fulfill my every desire. Did I mention he’s my favorite person ever?

Friday, I took advantage of all my leadership being out of the office and worked from home. It was a fun day because I got to log a contract award from my dining room table. I wasn’t in my pajamas, nor was I wearing bunny slippers. Who does that anyway?

In the afternoon I went to Joann’s to take full advantage of my coupons and purchased 18 yards of bridal dress lining fabric and 5 yards of diaper flannel, along with 4 zippers for the chair cushions I’m making from some fun, new fabric I ordered online. I’m crossing my fingers on this purchase – it’s online! While I’m casually working my way to the check out, MVOPC calls to let me know we are doing dinner and movie – IMAX, no less – in St. Augustine and I should hurry home. Wow – that is a new level of spontaneity from him. I like it! Smiling, I make like a race driver back to the house to meet him and head to our evening of fun.

We slept in on Saturday to the point I didn’t even spend any time debating meeting up with friends for our weekly walk and coffee – I missed it! Now it was time to scramble to make a lunch date for a very intriguing meeting with a local celebrity who was indicating the potential for collaborating on a new business. I made it and became immersed in the world of this new acquaintance, his delightful little family and big ideas. I left there with my head spinning and promptly arrived home spewing stream of consciousness ideas, thoughts, and enthusiasm for all the potential our visit held. Honestly, I am still smiling over the amazing ideas Steve ignited with this meeting.

That afternoon MVOPC let me know he had filled the fridge with enough food to feed the whole crew and that I should let them know. I did. My bittersweet thoughts of the day left me wishing both the boys could come over. Then I went one step further and lost myself in memories of holidays past when we had the kids here too. Stopped that right away because the weekend was shaping up so nicely! The pool and deck are sparkling!! MVOPC had filled the house with aromas of yummy stuff to come, and I was putting a spit shine on everything in sight.

Sunday I got up early — okay, for me it was early — and jumped right into bringing a sparkle to everything. MVOPC spent the day prepping our favorite dishes with a little of my secret ingredients. We worked in step to bring a nice little party together. It ended up neither of the boys would be with us…of course Son #2 is too far away, but Son #1 and his love of his life were also absent. What we did have were a couple of our newest best friends planning to come over, bring their favorite dishes and drinks, and play bocce to boot.

The evening turned out wonderful!

My bonus day is Monday. The house is clean, I don’t have to work, and the weather can not be more perfect! I balanced my day between sewing and swimming, and added in a little gardening and a load of laundry for good measure. Did I mention how nice and clean our house is?

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