Spring, sprung, sprang

So, I wrote my Mom a note today because she encouraged me to download and use an app she discovered called RunKeeper. I honestly believe that if I could get calorie expending credit for all the apps, books, videos, equipment, cute work out clothes, shoes, and gadgets I accumulate and review, I would not have to lose 30 pounds. Seriously!

Spring in Florida has two opposing responses for me. First, one of pure bliss as the greens get greener and the air gets warmer, and the sun glistens off of everything, all wrapped in azaleas and pretty flowers. Then I get panicky because spring means an oppressive onslaught of Africa hot summer weather is coming…tomorrow. I try to cram everything into the short, pleasant spring we have. One of those things is a renewed commitment to exercise. Hence the note to my Mom as follows:

The weather is so nice today! SO, I downloaded the RunKeeper app (had to do it from the site – that’s what the problem was), and used it today. I like it. It’s very similar to MapmyRun except for the key thing I like – the training programs! I started today on the one for running for weight loss. It was a total bust of course. I was supposed to run for 30 minutes at 70% of my max HR. No problem there, except for the dang sinus infection I’m not quite clear of yet. I now know that when I hit 50% of my max HR it triggers a coughing fit and I almost pee my pants after being sure to be hydrated for the run in the heat. Good grief! So, I did the 30 minutes at a speed walking pace and will keep going with the plan the best I can. So far I really like it!

Of course, when I set my goal to lose 30 pounds in nothing flat, it gave me a message that said my goal was going to be extremely difficult. You got that right – that’s why I’m using the app! Well, I adjusted it for a more realistic timeframe – and I think we may get along quite well. My other goal is to train for a 10 mile run on the beach in August, with heat being my biggest challenge! I figure if Marines can do this, then it is humanly possible and I will work into it. SLowly. With my app. <end of note to Mom>

Ha! Let’s revisit this again in say, June. 😉 Happy Spring!!

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