New Projects

I spend a lot of time ruminating, planning, or just plain daydreaming. I once would become aggravated by this as a time waster. I now find it to be a good starting point for my new projects. In this case, I have a long weekend – made longer by my personal conviction to have an extra day off work to spend cleaning up my studio AND gleefully stitching away. My planning began about three weeks ago when I was in the middle of taking care of all the pesky details that surround accomplishing check marks on my to-do list for work. I began daydreaming about how comfortable simple knit dresses are for hot days, and this led to supplementing my pattern collection and a need for some new knits. Lastly, I decided to stop short on my overhaul of the studio so I can have a sewing date for myself. Today.

A sale on patterns occurred at just the right moment, and I placed my order to arrive home just days before I would return from my business travel. Then I actually hit the order button while perusing an online fabric store selection of knits and such. Arrival date being the day after the patterns hit home. The boxes were waiting here, and I finally made it home. I’ve chattered on about this time so much it became an event on our calendar. The anticipation felt like the eve of a holiday for me. In preparation for the Date, MVOPC did my chores, planned his own projects and menus catering to me, and stocked the wine cooler.  And now it’s here. Two full days of studio time! Planned, prepped, carved out just for me. I didn’t plan a lot of time for blogging, so this will be short. Photos to follow. 😉  

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