June Sewing Group News

I had such a nice time with this month’s Fleming Island FSS sewing group. We had two projects, slipper and visors, and I tackled the slippers. This was a pattern shared online by another sewing enthusiast that was pretty straightforward to cut and assemble. Darlene and the FSS Chapter provided the pattern, fusible foam to make them cushioned and TimTex to give the soles some rigidity. I made mine from some new cotton kitchen towels from Ikea that were patterns of blue and white. As soon as I apply the final bias tape they will be on their way to being well-worn!

I am bringing in one model of our Eversewn machines to each meeting to use, demonstrate, and offer test drives because it’s always best to try out a machine before buying them. I’m excited about this month’s machine, the Eversewn Sparrow QE. Learn more about it right from Eversewn, and then you can order yours from Cool Stitches! Here’s what I like so far. It’s a quiet machine with solid stitching that never struggles, even when stitching through all those layers of fusible foam and heavy duty interfacing. It was a joy to sew with in the meeting. If you are in the area and want to test drive any of our machines, let me know! You’re going to be pleasantly surprised at the quality and range you get for the very reasonable prices.

As the sponsor of our sewing group, it’s my job to make sure we have everything we need to sew. Cool Stitches takes on the logistics and then sets up a tabletop market with an eye on the projects we are featuring, as well as offering our participants access to all the sewing notions and tools they may want. It’s such a fun relationship!

More about the Fleming Island FSS group though. Our next sewing date is July 15th. We meet every Monday at 6PM (set-up begins at 5:30 and we appreciate all the help we can get!). The location is the Fleming Island Amenity Center by the pool and tennis courts. Here’s a link to our latest newsletter with some information: June Meeting Highlights . The key to our wonderful meetings is that you can come to sew anything you’d like. We have projects there, but they aren’t a requirement, they’re just for fun. Sometimes you just want to work on a project, or maybe work together on a sew along, or just sit and visit with other sewing people. We get that. We do too.

I’m having such a good time and am honored to be the sponsor for this lovely group and sewing enthusiasts and experts! I learn something new every time I’m with them, and my whole world slows and brightens when we come together. Did I tell you, I love to sew?

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