ANNOUNCEMENT!! J Stern Designs Launches a Sewing Subscription Box Line with Cool Stitches

Updated: Feb 13

Holey Cow, can I even convey 'on paper' how exciting this is? We are so very honored to work with Jennifer on a Cool Stitches Sewing Subscription Box line featuring new J Stern Designs patterns and personal support. J Stern Designs' line launches in May with exclusive new designs and an invitation to join Jennifer online for tutorials! As a J Stern Designs + Cool Stitches subscriber, you are automatically a member of two private FaceBook groups: The Coolest Sewing Club on the Planet AND J Stern Designs for Jennifer's popular online sewing support and camaraderie.


Your J Stern Sewing Subscription Box features high quality patterns and instructions, nicely curated fabrics, notions for your project for 3 boxes; alternating with 3 more boxes featuring premium pattern hacks for using your stash, along with product samples, and gifts from Cool Stitches! Jennifer has designed her program to build your wardrobe by scheduling garments that combine as complete outfits across the boxes. The cost for all of this is only $37 per month for six months!

Are you as excited as we are about J Stern Designs Sewing Subscription Boxes?

ADDITIONAL NEWS from Cool Stitches! 1. January and February Sewing Subscription Boxes 🥳 2. Seeking beta testers - Sewing Subscription Boxes included 😁 3. Help Cool Stitches win a contest 😊

Our January Sewing Subscription Boxes have been delivered! We love them. It features the popular Run Around Bag by an indie pattern company, Lazy Girl Designs. We included zippers with sewing machine or scissor pulls that are so cute, along with everything needed to make your Run Around Bag, and a little gift. 

February Bags Totes & Organizers (BTO) Sewing Subscription Boxes are designed! Ready to get on the list?

Click here!

Call For Subscription Box Beta Testers!

Now an exciting offer! We need beta testers for our Sewing Subscription Boxes, and since you are part of our Cool Stitches’ family we are hoping you’ll take us up on this one.  We’re are looking for people who love to sew, live in different regions of the country, and are willing to participate in each aspect of our program and provide both structured and unstructured feedback. Whew! 

For each delivery we will select from our confirmed list of beta testers and let you know a subscription box is coming. Then you have fun and let us know how it goes! It’s an important part of our quality process.

Bonus: As a confirmed beta tester, you can also purchase a subscription for 40% off!!  Interested in our Beta Testers program?

Email me today

VOTE for Cool Stitches!

And now my dear Sewing friends, I have a special request; Cool Stitches has entered a contest for a Small Business Grant from FedEx. The first thing they look at is how many people VOTE for you. If we win this grant contest, we can bring you even more sewing adventures! Would you vote for me? You can vote ONCE A DAY!   If you are so moved to vote, click HERE. It will take you to the following link: Search for Cool Stitches and VOTE! Then tell your friends!  Until next time! Happy Sewing!! Debbi

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