A Little Bit of Springtime

Springtime in Florida emerges earlier than for most other parts of the country in which I’ve lived so it shouldn’t be a surprise that it takes me by surprise every year — since I’ve been here — the better part of my life. Okay, maybe being one who sleeps in makes me one who awakens to spring with more difficulty than most.

This year I stalked the time change and had a strategy for not being done in by my alarm clock. Check. It’s a big deal. I’ve been up on time all through the transition period. What I haven’t done well is guard against the general malaise I seem to fall into every year. I know it’s every year because when I begin to open up and all out whine to MVOPC in a thematic “why do I feel This Way” (completely undefined, of course), he reminds me that it’s springtime and I feel this way every year ending with a loving, “go for a run”.

So, here I sit blanketed in my malaise, but working on a plan this time. I’ve come to the happy realization that I don’t need to do anything miraculous, nor amazing. I am immersing myself in the little things that make me happy whether it’s cleaning a closet, hemming a skirt, or reading a book. I am learning everyone doesn’t have to make the earth shake. Sometimes we just need to smile. Spring is here. It’s my favorite season in Florida because it’s not too hot, and not too cold. It’s just right. I’ve got some fun adventures to look forward to, and I think I’ll go for a run and sew a skirt this weekend. Happy Spring.

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